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Affirmations are powerful. As you move from Shattered to Empowered, be sure to say Daily Affirmations. We have included a few Affirmations for each of the chapters in the book for you to use.
  1. I am awesome because I recognize and seize opportunity when it knocks.
  2. I am awesome because I can let go of old habits and replace them with awesome new habits.
  3. I am awesome because my passion, wisdom, and energy demands solutions to problems that I may face.
  4. I am awesome because I think, speak, and act like an awesome person should.
  5. I am awesome because I strive to reach my fullest potential.
  1. I am bold because I know that I was created in the image and likeness of God!
  2. I am bold because I am constantly being filled with wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.
  3. I am bold because I always welcome new challenges and face new opportunities knowing that my life is my canvas, and I am a masterpiece.
  4. I am bold because I know my joy of freedom depends on it.
  1. I am legendary because when I leave this earth my children’s children will be blessed.
  2. I am legendary because I know whatever I put my hands to, will prosper and will be in demand.
  3. I am legendary because I know God is my source and I will never lack anything good.
  4. I am legendary because I know my worth, I know my assignment and I expect nothing less than good progress.
  1. I am empowered because I am fearfully wonderful made by the highest God!
  2. I am empowered to make connections that are life-changing for the very best.
  3. I am empowered, I am mentally strong, and I refuse to let any negative event to slow me down or destroy me.
  4. I am empowered, I am strong, I am focused, and my present and future looks very bright.
  5. I am empowered, I will courageously face today’s challenges and overcome them because I can do all things though Christ.


Affirmations are a wonderful thing because they put a positive voice inside your head. They push away the negative thoughts and make you start to believe the positive affirmations you are reciting to yourself. Dr. Jamila has spent 30 years of helping other empower themselves, build their self-esteem and self-worth, while showing them how to enjoy life. Affirmations are one of the things she suggests to everyone she works with because they really do work, and they make the biggest difference in success.